Kopanito All-Stars Soccer Kopanito All-Stars Soccer




Skill-based gameplay

Use slide tackle to intercept passes or to knock-down your opponents. Pass the ball straight to your teammates (ground or air) or dribble past the opponents. Score some goals using chip shots or by swerving the ball using a slow-motion shots. There are various set pieces, like corner kicks or throw-ins too, but no rules apart from that! Don’t forget, it is a fast-paced game - it might be funny and cartoonish, but it’s not that easy. Try it yourself!



You can pull the ball using a super-strong magnet (because why not), teleport into a different spot on the field, activate a big windmaker to blow things out of your goal-line or perform a super-shot and knock opponents down on the path of the ball. Oh, more crazy super-moves are coming!


Party game

We support up to 5 controllers (4 gamepads + keyboard). Try the game with your buddies in a friendly match in various game modes– in any desired combination including 5 vs AI game.


Tireless AI

You can choose from four different difficulty levels. The easiest one is a child's play, while the last one...you'll pull your hair out trying to beat the game. Also, there’s a practice mode if you just want to learn basic moves.


Cups and Leagues

Complete various tournaments and leagues as your favorite national team and play in different parts of the world. You can either play in tournaments based on World’s Cup format or in regular leagues. Depending on a type of the competition, there can be up to 32 teams competing.


Diversity and modding

100+ teams, 16 tournaments, 7 stadiums, 150+ matches and 600+ unique players. You can choose from many national teams from all over the world. If that's not enough, you can easily create your own teams, stadiums and balls.



We've integrated Steam Leaderboards with the game, but not as a single big table, but as 4 leagues. You start in the Bronze League and by winning tournament matches (alone or in co-op) you gain fame points. Advancing to a higher league requires to accumulate given amount of fame shown on the leaderboards screen, different for each league.



Win matches and tournamnets, collect cups and medals, complete match challenges to get the achievments.


PGA Revelation
Pixel - grand prix
Pixel - best gameplay
Pixel - big bang
Pixel - retro roots



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